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Sample Question


1. I signed up but have not received any questions. What should I do?
Make sure the questions are not being delivered to your SPAM folder.  If they are, please add “noreply@daily-ent.com” to your safe email list.  If this does not solve the problem, email our IT department at “support@daily-ent.com“.

2.  How do your questions differ from other daily study question services?

Daily ENT questions are specifically tailored to the aspiring ENT surgeon preparing for life on the wards and written exams.  We focus on the bread and butter ENT topics and the questions that will have the highest yield for test preparation rather than the latest study or esoteric trivia.

3.  Is one question per day enough?

No!  You should not use Daily ENT as your only source of study material.  However, a significant body of literature reveals that studying spread out over time (aka “spacing”) is a much more effective and efficient way to learn.  For more information, please refer to the following studies:

“…it is a mistake to try to cram too much training into a single session, or indeed a single day.”

“It suggests that where operationally feasible…training should be distributed over time rather than massed.”

-Baddeley, A. D., and D. J. A. Longman. “The Influence of Length and Frequency of Training Session on the Rate of Learning to Type.” Ergonomics 21.8 (1978): 627-35.  https://www.gwern.net/docs/spacedrepetition/1978-baddeley.pdf

“…spacing facilitated both inductive and repetition learning by both young and older adults.”

“A century of laboratory research has shown that learning opportunities are more effective when they are spaced apart rather than massed together”

-Kornell, Nate, Alan D. Castel, Teal S. Eich, and Robert A. Bjork. “Spacing as the Friend of Both Memory and Induction in Young and Older Adults.” Psychology and Aging 25.2 (2010): 498-503.  http://web.williams.edu/Psychology/Faculty/Kornell/Publications/Kornell.Castel.Eich.Bjork.2010.pdf

4.  Will you share my email address/personal information with anyone?

No!  Your email address will not be shared with anyone!  We value our customers’ privacy and will only use your email address to send you high yield prep questions.  After your subscription ends, your address will be deleted unless you resubscribe.

5.  I got a question wrong and want to read more on the topic.  What is the best way to do this?

Each question has a reference citation for you to use.  Usually, we reference KJ Lee, but sometimes use other texts such as Cummings/Lange/Bailey/Pasha or web sources.  We recommend that you read up on any questions you answer incorrectly as we will often ask multiple questions on a single topic to reinforce the information.

6.  How much does a subscription cost?

A one-year subscription delivers one question a day, Monday through Friday at 5pm, and costs $49.95.  This also includes monthly newsletters with helpful mnemonics, eponyms, a list of upcoming courses/conferences and a countdown to important exams. 1 month and 6 month options are also available.

7.  Can I get CME credit?

We do not offer CME credit at this time.

8.  I don’t like the questions or decided I don’t want to learn about otolaryngology.  What can I do?

Refunds will be provided on a case by case basis.  Please email us with any questions or concerns and we will address it as quickly as possible.

9.  I have a question/comment/idea for how Daily ENT can improve; who should I contact?

We are always striving to improve Daily ENT.  If you have suggestions for how our service can better prepare you for written exams and life on the wards please contact us at “admin@daily-ent.com“.

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